Make Presence (and Compassion and Money), Not War

Yes, it's more from Nilima Bhat, founder of the Shakti Leadership Institute. So how do we start being a Shakti leader? Here we dive into must-have habits to transform yourself into a conscious leader. And yes, you can start right here, right now.

The Feminine Power of Conscious Leadership

It's time you get to meet a very special trailblazer: Nilima Bhat, the creator of the Shakti Leadership movement. Writing the book Shakti Leadership together with Conscious Capitalism co-founder Raj Sisodia was just the beginning. Nilima is now spreading the concept of a more conscious and caring leadership around the world to enable women (and men) to live more fulfilling lives and lead uplifting businesses. Get ready to discover what yoga, beauty and personal responsibility have to do with being a great leader.

How to Add More Humanity to Money and Let Money Help Humanity Do the Right Thing

Meet Joel Solomon, chairman of Canada's biggest mission venture capitalist firm, and pioneer of the Clean Money movement. If you want to change the way you think of and deal with money and dig deeper into how it impacts (your) purpose, then here's your kickstarter — and yes, our planet's future will thank you for it too.

If You Want Change, Change Your Schools First

Meet Margret Rasfeld, one of today's most influential pioneers in education. As a principal, she lead the Protestant School Central Berlin (ESZB), which focuses on openness, empathy, and sustainability (how about this: the school planted 100,000 trees within three years!) and is a member of Ashoka Changemaker Schools. As a sought-after speaker and consultant, she now helps institutions and governments reinvent the way we learn and teach. Here we dip into what's gone wrong, how we can change it, and why everyone of us is needed to make it happen.

How To Sow The Seeds That Will Change Your Life

...and stop stagnation. Meet Whitney Johnson, ranked on Management Thinkers50 as one of the top leadership experts and coaches of today. If you want to shake up your life, then let Whitney teach you how disruption not only allows companies to succeed but can also help us individually. Whitney unravels the psychology behind disruption and shows us how we can move forward towards our dreams. Ready?

How We're Holding Ourselves Back From Success

...and what we can do about it. Meet Kari Enge, the lively founder and chief editor of Rank&File magazine, and discover how you can make it easier to find purpose, carry out your mission, and feel successful.

Why Mindfulness At Work Matters

...and how to make it a reality. Meet Mounira Latrache, the co-initiator of the Search Inside Yourself mindfulness program in Europe, bringing it from Google's headquarters in California to Berlin and far beyond. Learn what it takes to inject a new idea into workplace culture and what big rewards mindfulness has delivered to Mounira and her colleagues.