What Does Conscious Leadership Have to Do With Purpose?

So happy you asked! Basically, conscious leadership is a way of leading that connects profits with purpose and doing good — inside and outside the organization.

Here conscious means being aware: of a higher purpose, the environment, the present, and your own deeper self. Being emotionally and spiritually aware. Conscious leaders recognize that the old ways of power, control, greed, and disconnectedness won't get us far anymore. Success is being redefined. For our sanity and that of our planet.

As conscious leaders we know that we are happiest and can be and give our best when we're not working in an environment of fear and power plays. We dare to release control and open ourselves up to trust and synchronicity, experiencing the world around us with a new level of curiosity, compassion, and spirituality.

Conscious leadership is not something you turn on when you step into the office and turn off when you leave it. It's always on.

Let's face it: too often people work at places that promise to improve the lives of their customers, but little thought or care is given to improving the lives of those that work there. The belief is that getting paid, receiving some healthcare benefits, and having a ping-pong table is enough. As a conscious leader, you know it's not.

You see organizations as ecosystems. You understand that if people are not well, the organization cannot be well either.

If people don't know their own strengths and weaknesses, neither can the organization know its own.

If people don't know what they're doing and why, neither will the organization.

Yes, it takes courage to become a conscious company. It implies stepping onto a different path, one where purpose is your compass. One that requires heart and soul. It's a path filled with new doors that need to be opened.

In the end, conscious leadership is a shift in mindset and a movement of interconnected values and practices, such as mindfulness, Servant Leadership, Theory U, and Agile. All driven by (a higher) purpose. And it's already everywhere: organizations that understand the value of purpose and conscious leadership can be found across industries and include companies of all sizes, such as Patagonia, Buffer, Asana, and Eileen Fisher.

So ask yourself: Do I want to bring more humanity, diversity, agility, and creativity into my business?

If yes, then purpose is the compass you need to get you there. Combine it with a vision and mission driven by conscious leadership values, and you're ready to make your company stand out from the rest.

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