So you're tired of change that falls short
and leaves your people, well, tired of it all?

Here's the thing: you have the power to make change triumph. And the key to unlocking that power is story.

You get to choose how to use that key. Use it right, and you'll have the ultimate red thread connecting people, goals, and actions. Aligning mission and vision becomes easy. Getting buy-in moves from tough sell to lively participation.

If you're anything like me, you've seen lots of change. I mean LOTS; big and small. Workplace change that succeeded, and the kind that didn't because too few understood what was happening, why it was happening, why they should care, and how it would elevate their lives.

Let me share something with you. It might even sound familiar to you: maybe you had a similar experience or know somebody who did.

Not too long ago, I was flying high in a job that offered me everything I ever wanted, or so I thought. I was happy. I was busy. I was — wait a second, could this really be?

Yup, I was burnt out.

Excuse me, how did that happen?

Burnout shook me up, and I crashed to the ground. Eons seemed to pass before I began to wipe the dust of my face, my clothes, my pride, and dared to take a step forward again. The path was foggy, bumpy, and curvy. Yet as I shuffled along, inch by inch, doubt turned into hope, and burnout into a powerful mentor, opening my eyes wide to purpose, compassion, and (self-)awareness.

And suddenly, I knew what I had to do.

What's that, you ask?

Give hope. To help leaders and their teams see and believe that change can succeed, not because some metric depends on it but because the well-being of countless people does. To help unearth the purpose, compassion, and awareness that fuel a shared vision for the future and dry up the well of disengagement, disillusionment, and burnout.

The rough detour in my personal journey has helped me understand more fully than any organizational change had before how we as humans deal with change and how much impact the story we tell ourselves about it has on our growth or healing.

Let's never forget that organizational change is personal change. And it's the story we assign to it that at any time can turn that change into a gift or a burden.

How will the pieces of your plan align with your mission and message?
How will you give your people a chance to envision not only an expanded version of their organization but of themselves?
And how will you enable yourself to grow with your goals?

It's your choice what to do with these questions. Just know that they define where change will lead you and your people. And if you need any help answering them, I am here for you.

My journey hasn't been straight or simple. I've worked in different industries, functions, and countries, collaborating with extraordinary people from all around the world. Somewhere along that timeline are degrees and certificates. But I've come to realize that they don't mean nearly as much as practicing self-reflection and learning to tap into our own resilience, passion, and inherent creativity, so that we can recognize and leap into what we really want to stand for and help others do the same.

This is the time to ask yourself: What do I want my story to stand for?