You're an agent of possibility.

So how can you turn that possibility into a welcome reality? As a leader of organizational change, you already know that in order to make change a success, you need more than a vision and an action plan: you need to reach the hearts and minds of your teams and turn them into active participants.

What if story could help you make that happen? A story that informs, engages, reduces anxiety, and inspires. A story that will give your people a chance to become champions of your vision for transformation. A story that serves as your red thread for a clear and effective flow of actions.

That's the kind of story I'm here to help you craft, share, and apply.

Here's how:

  • Engaging Stories for Positive Change —yes, it's time to dig deep: in this collaborative consulting we get together to create your unique story for organizational change, connect it to your project or communication plan, and identify ways to maximize its impact for your business in the short and longer term.
  • The Story Kick-Starter — a hands-on experience to empower your DIY change communications. In three 2-hour online sessions, we'll cover how to start crafting your story for change, how to get your people involved, and how to align your actions with your story to create an engaging and chaos-free change initiative.
  • More Than Words: Talks For Change — lively inspirational and informative talks that reinforce your story for change — or that simply let your teams discover how the concept of story and Conscious Leadership can make them see work differently.

Engaging Stories for Positive Change

Did you know that story is the backbone of successful change? Life has shown me that it's the most important change agent you need in your corner. With the right story on your side, you're stepping onto a whole new level of managing change.

Story directly influences and bolsters every aspect responsible for the success or failure of change, such as clarity, coordination, connection, and culture. Wave goodbye to confusion and ambiguity (oh yes: and ego-driven pet projects). Say hello to engagement and creativity.

How do we get started?

When we explore your story for change together, we're going to put the spotlight on big questions like...

  • What's the real Why for change and how does it connect to the past, present, and future of your organization (read: your people and yourself)?
  • How do the different pieces of your plan fit together best to bring your story to life?
  • Are narrative gaps about to kill not only your message but any progress you've made so far?
  • Do your team members know what roles they play in the story?

So if you're ready to give change at work a better chance, let's connect.

The Story Kick-Starter

Want a personal hands-on introduction to making story your partner in change? This program consists of three live 2-hour sessions and is conducted online. I share with you how to start crafting your new story for organizational change, how to engage your people in the process, and what to look out for when applying the story to your action and communication plans. We also dip into the Conscious Leadership mindset along the way. You have the option to bring one of your team members into the virtual sessions with you. To discover more about what's in it for you, get in touch here.

Speaking Engagements

Whether you need help sharing your own story of change with your stakeholders or want real-life examples of transformation and Conscious Leadership that can inspire and empower your teams, I can support you with motivational talks for small and big audiences as well as interactive "fireside" chats for groups of up to 20 people. Topics focus on the power of story in organizational & personal transformation and on Conscious Leadership. Let me know what you need for your event or initiative.

It was enlightening to have Christine as an inspirational speaker at the Women@Google speakers series. She touched our hearts, souls and minds. Christine is a tremendously credible speaker for a senior and knowledge-driven audience. S. Glate Industry Manager Travel, Google